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Preparing the mind and soul

Mind Over Muscle

Fitness and health are not just part of our body, they are also essential for the mind and soul.  One must be prepared mentally, for a drastic change.  The key to successful preparation lies in faith and stamina;  The faith that you can accomplish the goal you have set, and the stamina to continue on the healthy path when it gets hard, even when you falter. It is only possible to fail if you quit.

There are ways to help prepare your mind.  By using prayer to restore the peace within your soul and mind, in combination with natural supplements to help strengthen your immune system, you can create the proper foundation to begin building the body.

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Physical Change

Along with preparing yourself mentally, is the need to prepare your body for the challenges and changes you will be facing with the decision to move forward with a healthy lifestyle.  In order to handle the physical strain, you must stretch and get your body up to the new challenge.

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Diet is one of the most essential changes that must be made on your road to better health. Contrary to the way things were in the past, healthy eating does not have to cost a fortune.  There are many healthy dishes and preparation subsitutions that you can make with what you probably already have at home.

There are a number of sources where you can purchase specialty foods, which might be a bit more costly, but can save you time, which is the biggest reason for not living a healthier lifestyle, as it is much quicker to pick up fast food when you are in a hurry, versus cooking a healthy meal.

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The body you want is possible.  No one said it is easy, but it is definitely possible.  There are so many roads to your final destination, but the only qualified driver is you;  The only one who can guarantee success or failure is you.

Substitutions List

We have composed a list of natural and healthy alternatives for your not-so-healthy favorites. For example, you can substitute butter with mashed avocado, hummus, or extra virgin olive oil.
Instead of using butter in a recipe, try the following...
Substitute with olive oil
Simply use 3/4 cup of olive oil for every cup of butter called for in a recipe. Olive oil is also an effective butter substitute in pasta sauces and mashed potatoes. Touted as a heart-healthy staple by the American Heart Association, olive oil is loaded with healthy unsaturated fats that are worth the extra calories.

The Gradual Diet- A different approach to healthy eating

The hardest part of getting fit is eating properly, in order to accommodate the healthy changes in your life.  Notice I said "accommodate" to the changes, versus the other way around- change to accommodate, which is usually your downfall.  Think about it;  think back to all the times you tried and failed,  I'll give you a moment...

This is because you jumped in head-first and with a vengeance, into a full-blown diet.  That just does not make sense.  It is much more reasonable to achieve success by tweaking your eating habits than to do a 360 over night.  You start substituting this and then that, little-by-little every day, accomplishing small individual goals one by one;  thus the term "gradual diet".  

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One myth about healthy eating is that you have to suffer, and choose the most tasteless foods you can find for it to be effective, but contrary to popular belief, eating healthy doesn't have to be unpleasant or bland anymore.  The other myth is that you can accomplish getting healthy and fit with drugs or artificial stimulants.  This is simply put, never the case.

The reality is, the more natural the approach, the better the results you will have.  The reason for this is, well, the good Lord created our bodies to live in a paradise, and He provided all we needed right here on His natural green earth, to live free from illness and injury, and to sustain ourselves while being healthy and happy.

But we all know how that went down.

Then man created artificial everythings, in an attempt to beat the system and make things faster and easier; in turn, sacrificing all the goodness, until eventually the greedy lazy way became the only way, and the natural way became the awkward and fanatical way. Whew!

I'm sure we've all heard this a million and one times, "if you only knew what was in that, you wouldn't touch it".  And just like me, I'm sure your reaction to that was to not want to know what was in that.  I invite you to look into at least one of those things.  I'm sure you can remember at least one.  And after you do that, remember all of the times you ate it, you gave it to your kids to eat it, you gave it to your parents, friends, family, your pets...

But what if I told you that you can have that taste anytime you want, except without the stuff you just read about, and it would be cheaper in the long run, and beneficial to you and your family.  It doesn't matter what it is specifically, there is a healthy equal alternative without sacrificing taste or fulfillment.

I have put together a list of healthy substitutes that I guarantee will have little to no change in the final product. It is worthy of its own page, so please click here.

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